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State of the Game - July 2017

July 30, 2017


It has been a great summer for Molotov with awesome progress made all around. Since our last blog, we have made substantial progress in fleshing out the backend systems for our player and it is finally time to put a pin in Developer Build 9. Additionally, we are very excited to bring a second animator and a second concept artist onto our team!


March 2017

With Developer Build 9 wrapped up, we are moving forward to work on Developer Build 10. The next build will focus on the addition of our first enemy character, along with the refinement of our current player character and combat systems. Details on those features will come as progress is made, but in the mean time check out some of the final updates to DevBuild 9 below:



Most important items denoted by: !

  • (!) System: 'Inventory'

    • Added player equipment inventory

    • Added player equipment backend

    • Equipment socketed to character

    • Swapping equipment holsters it on character

  • (!) System: ‘Upgrade

    • Added equipment upgrades

    • Collecting light orb accumulates light

    • Accumulating enough light rewards level up

    • Level up may be spent on equipment upgrade

  • Levels

    • Added new survival level Boneyard

    • Added new survival level Marsh

    • Updated Gatehouse post processing + lighting + fog + set dressing

    • Updated Tributary post processing + lighting + fog + set dressing

    • Updated Monument post processing + lighting + fog + set dressing

    • Updated Harbor post processing + set dressing + lighting + fog + set dressing

  • (!) Meshes

    • Added dozens of new prop meshes

    • Added 9 new weapon meshes

    • Added 9 fire / smoke VFX

    • Added 11 water VFX

Exciting Stuff

Today we will be sharing a couple of screenshots from the new levels, as well as a couple of new videos.


Inventory System

Our ‘Inventory’ system allows for player characters to be fitted with an equipment loadout. These loadouts may include the following items:

  • Primary weapons (sword, mace)

  • Secondary weapons (throwing axe, crossbow)

  • Shields

  • Gear (molotov, trap)

Each item in a player’s loadout will be visibly attached to the character and appropriate changes will be reflected when switching weapons. This can be seen in the image below; take note of the molotov and crossbow holstered near the character's waist.


Behind the scenes, individual stats are supported for each equipment item. These stats might include attack damage, stamina drain, and range.

Upgrade System

Our ‘Upgrade’ system allows for players to accumulate the ‘Light’ resource by collecting light orbs dropped by defeated enemies. Collecting enough light allows players to purchase a ‘Light Level’ by selecting an upgrade. Upgradeable items include:

  • Primary weapons

  • Secondary weapons

  • Gear

  • Abilities

  • Character traits

For each upgradeable item, there are three tiers of available upgrades. To provide an example: a primary weapon may be upgraded to level 1, then to level 2, and finally to level 3. When all potential upgrades are accounted for, players may achieve a total ‘Light Level’ of 15.


Upgrading any of the above items results in a general stats upgrades and a slight visual update. For example, upgrading a sword from level 2 to level 3 might increase its damage by a certain percentage, and then update its aesthetic by adding a visual effect and adjusting color.


These levels represent a form of volatile progression which does not transfer to other gameplay session, similar to many popular roguelike titles. There will however be a greater form of ‘meta-progression’ which exists outside of, and coincides with, individual play sessions.


Level - Boneyard

 Level - Marsh


Wrap Up

Developer Build 10 marks an exciting waypoint for our team as we begin to develop and incorporate a variety of new mechanics and systems. We are excited to share what we have planned! If you like what you see, please check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, or elsewhere. We would love your support, and it means a lot to hear what everyone has to say!


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Thank you for reading,


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