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State of the Game - March 2017

March 31, 2017


Following a very productive month in February, our team has kept the ball rolling straight through March! Progress has been made in many areas, but of particular note are the implementation and continued development of new gameplay systems. Today, we will be sharing some of that work as well as some new gameplay details.


March 2017

The changelist for Developer Build 9 is growing rapidly and is loaded with new content and improvements. Check out some of the progress made below:


Most important items denoted by: !

  • (!) System: Camera Rotation

    • Added rotation controls for isometric camera

    • ‘1’ key rotates camera left

    • ‘3’ key rotates camera right

    • ‘2’ key resets camera to default position

    • Player world space alignment adjusts to camera position

  • (!) System: ‘Light’

    • Added Light Orb drops from enemies

    • Added chance for multi-drop

    • Added Light Orb pickup objects

    • Added Light Orb impulse + physics

    • Added Light Orb meshes + animations

  • Levels

    • Updated Vault menu map environment

    • Updated Gatehouse post processing + set dressing

    • Updated Tributary post processing + set dressing

    • Updated Monument post processing + set dressing

    • Updated Harbor post processing + set dressing

  • (!) Meshes

    • Added dozens of new prop, foliage, and structural meshes

    • Rebuilt dozens of prop, foliage, structural meshes

    • Added prototype fire / smoke VFX

    • Added several alpha masks for VFX particles

Exciting Stuff

Today we will be sharing a couple screenshots of new assets, as well as a pair of short videos demonstrating the new gameplay systems.




Our ‘Light’ system is something we will be talking about a lot as it becomes more functional. This video represents some of the first functionality, as well as a foundation, of what is to be a much larger system. What the video shows is ‘drops’, and if someone thought ‘experience orbs’ they would be partially right. The orbs are representative of a resource called ‘Light’ which will be collected by players and used in a variety of ways, two of which are listed below:

  • Acquire character upgrades

  • Use character abilities

Note, Light is needed by the player to both upgrade their character, as well as utilize their character’s abilities. The resource is shared and what is spent on one function, may not be spent on the other. This in turn introduces an element of resource management to the game where players will need to balance their Light between progression, abilities, and more as they collect additional Light.




Our camera system allows for players to rotate the camera horizontally to either the left or right a full 360 degrees. Additionally, the player may reset the camera to its default rotation at any time at the press of a button. The ability to rotate the camera is not one typically seen in isometric games, but we believe it to be an integral component of ours. We have three reasons for this belief:

  • Combat - camera rotation gives players another dynamic for control during engagements

  • Comfort - camera rotation allows players to set its position to whatever feels most comfortable to them in a given situation

  • Exploration - camera rotation allows players to further explore the world by seeing environments from different perspectives

Last but not least, we have a pair of pictures show off all of the new art assets created over the past month. The assets are a mix of completely new assets, as well as older assets which have been completely rebuilt from scratch (so technically new?).




Before we wrap up, it is worth mentioning Sean and I will be attending the East Coast Games Conference (ECGC) in April (18-20). We will not be exhibiting, but we will be wearing our Molotov swag, so if you see us feel free to say ‘hi’ and we will be happy to talk!

Wrap Up

Overall, we are right on track for our quarterly timeline and are feeling great moving forward. April is sure to be yet another strong month as we wrap up Developer Build 9 and push onto Build 10.


If you like what you see, please check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, or elsewhere. We would love your support, and it means a lot to hear what everyone has to say!


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