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State of the Game - February 2017

February 26, 2017


February has been a fairly productive month for the team with progress made in various areas of the game. More importantly though, the Molotov team is happy to welcome aboard a new programmer who with help us to expedite our current pace of development. Beginning in March, our programmers will begin work on a core gameplay system which will be revealed in more detail through next month’s blog.

February 2016

The month started out strong with a final, playable build of Developer Build 8 distributed to the team. The build features the following:


  • Basic main menu

  • Main menu music (looped)

  • Basic in game menus

  • 4 survival mode maps

  • Warrior character

  • Stamina system

  • Health system

  • Basic movement suite

  • Basic attack suite

  • Attack combos

  • Basic survival mode


There is a lot left to do for the survival game mode to be functional, but we are pressing onward. Where work is concerned for this month, this is where we stand:


  • Combat Dummy (for combat systems testing)

    • Health component

    • Damage component

    • Visible health bar

      • Align with camera

    • Physics enabled

  • Tree Assets

    • Rebuilt all Pine trees

    • Rebuilt all Oak trees

    • Rebuilt all Palm trees

    • Rebuilt all Cyprus trees

    • Rebuilt all Acacia trees

    • Added new pine, oak, cyprus, and acacia variants

    • Added tree trunk meshes (logs)

    • Added tree stump meshes

  • Foliage Assets

    • Added lily pad meshes

    • Added pond scum meshes

    • Added elephant ear (plant) meshes

  • Structure Assets

    • Added wooden path meshes

    • Added log walkway meshes

    • Addeded wooden shack meshes

    • Added log cabin meshes

  • Unreal Engine 4.15 Upgrade


Exciting Stuff

For this update’s exciting visual content we have a new piece of concept art, a screenshot of new assets, and another development timelapse video!



Visible in the above demo scene are several new assets which will be featured in the newest map: Marsh. The second in the series of development timelapse videos for Marsh is below:



For a reminder, this series of videos is meant to chronicle the development of our game’s fifth survival mode map. Additionally, it is worth noting this series of videos focuses on the construction of the level and will skip over some of the more ‘tedious’ bits of the process such as testing and optimization.
Wrap Up

For next month’s blog we will take some time to share more details about our game systems and their progress! Additionally, we are are hopeful to put together a new Developer Vlog at some point.


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