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State of the Game - January 2017

January 31, 2017


Much of our development time throughout December was well spent and used to restructure our asset base, polish existing content, and prepare for new features. Unfortunately, much of that particular work is difficult to visualize or share in any meaningful way; hence our recent silence across our different social media outlets.


Thankfully, moving through some of that organizational work freed up time in January for more tangible developments. Today, I have some stuff to share that actually can be shown off!


January 2016

Following a month of reconfiguration and polish in December, the team is now well into Developer Build 9 and grappling with a variety of new goals. This is a fairly important build and will see the addition of new content and important features to our Alpha. Some of the progress already made is listed below:


  • Updated Melee Attack System

    • Light attacks

    • Heavy attacks

    • Attack combos

    • Attack combos damage models

  • Main Menu Music

    • Original composition

    • Looping track

  • Shader Normalization

    • Normalized value range for default mesh shaders

    • Range set between .5-.8

    • Range core set between .6-.7

    • Map serves as realtime backdrop for menu UI

  • Static Mesh Updates

    • Custom collision for bridges

    • Custom collision for stairs

    • Updated UVs

    • Updated Origins

  • Restructured game asset base

    • Updated mesh naming scheme

    • Updated material naming scheme

    • Updated folder structures


Exciting Stuff

For this update’s exciting visual content we have two bits of concept artwork from one of our concept artists, and the first in a series of special development timelapse videos!


The artwork below represents preliminary concepts for our game's first enemy, the 'Minion'. The 'Minion' will be the first AI character implemented into the game, and will allow us to begin testing our combat systems as well as our survival mode.


The timelapse video is the first in a series which will chronicle the development of our game’s fifth survival mode map. Additionally, it is worth noting this series will focus on the construction of the level and will skip over some of the more ‘tedious’ bits of the process such as testing and optimization. We hope you enjoy this inside look:


Wrap Up

Again, I realize this blog is scarce on the details, but I believe sometime within the next month will be a great time to start sharing more about our game. Now, whether that takes the form of lore, design, or something else I cannot say yet; however, I will be excited to share it!


If you like what you see, please check us out on through one of our channels below. We would love your support, and it means a lot to hear what everyone has to say!


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Thank you for reading,


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