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State of the Game - November 2016

December 1, 2016


Over the past few months the Molotov team has been incredibly busy, building new content and systems for Lanterns’ Watch. Unfortunately though, the amount of time our team can dedicate to the game is limited by each member’s available free time and consequently, progress tends to be slower than we all might like. That being said however, progress is progress nonetheless, and we are happily chipping away at our to-do lists.


Today I am going to share a bit of what we have been working on in the time since our last update in August.


November 2016

Our current developer build has seen a variety of different features and content added to the game. The changelist for this build is suitably massive, and certainly reflects a few months of hard work. That being said, the time has come to put a pin in Developer Build 8 and move onto Build 9 and its set of goals. Below, I have listed some of the most notable additions in Build 8:

  • Player stamina system

    • Jump drain

    • Sprint drain

    • Attack drain

    • Recharge

  • New survival map: Monument

  • New survival map: Harbor

  • New menu map: Vault

    • Map serves as realtime backdrop for menu UI

  • Art updates for all maps

  • New placeholder UI

    • main menu - survival

    • main menu - video options

    • main menu - audio options

    • main menu - game options

    • main menu - controls options

    • in game - character menu

  • Engine scalability settings

    • Graphics options

    • Audio options

Exciting Stuff

Okay, time for my favorite part of any update. . .meaningful visual content! Featured below, are four pictures from Developer Build 8; an overview from each of our Survival maps.






Wrap Up

Just as with the August developer blog, I have chosen to not reveal many details about our game. More details will come, as we feel confident in our ability to deliver on our vision. Additionally, I much prefer to show rather than tell (as evident from the pictures and video above I presume). All of this being said, I believe future updates might be split into general progress updates (such as this), and updates which actually detail parts of the game.


If you like what you see, please check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, or elsewhere. We would love your support, and it means a lot to hear what everyone has to say!


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