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State of the Game - August 2016

August 1, 2016


It has been a little while since we formally unveiled our game, Lanterns' Watch, back in June. Needless to say, a progress update beyond the scope of our social media activity is overdue.

Before I get into the update, I would encourage those of you seeing our game for the first time to check out our brief reveal blog: IndieDB Reveal . The reveal post contains some fast facts about our game that will serve as a great introduction to anyone interested.

Now, how about that update?



(Most Recent DevVlog, from June)


August 2016

Currently, the team is working on what we are calling Alpha 04; which, fun fact, features a new naming convention of two digits (used to be 003, etc). Anyway, for each alpha we define a 'big goal' that we would like to complete, and then subsequently use said goal as a measure of the alpha's progress. For this alpha, our big goal is the development and implementation of our survival game mode. Below I will list where we stand with the mode:

  • Framework - Working

  • Timer - Working

  • Waves - Working

  • Enemy Spawns - Working

  • Player Spawns - Working

  • Enemy Entity - Working

  • Player Entity - Working

  • Enemy AI - Starting

  • Win/Loss Conditions - Waiting

  • Dynamic Events - Waiting

  • Light System - Waiting

  • Progression System - Waiting

  • Co-operative Play - Waiting

At the moment, a fair amount of basic infrastructure for the mode is in place and the current priority is on developing a baseline enemy AI. Concurrently, good progress is also being made on the game's combat and movement systems. Much of the infrastructure for these systems is in place, but full implementation is waiting on the completion of our first character's animation suite.

Overall, a few core features will, once complete, allow us to comfortably say survival mode is in playable condition and we will move on to setting a new goal for Alpha 05.


Exciting Stuff

Now, this would be a pretty lousy developer blog without some nice screenshots wouldn't it? Below I have two screenshots from our first survival map Gatehouse, and a second survival map Tributary (which recently underwent a large overhaul).





Both of these maps are in a great place right now and will continue to receive more updates as new content is developed; primarily, in the vein of ambient sound and visual effects.


Wrap Up

I realize this blog did not give away too much information about our game, but we will definitely begin to open up more as we make further progress.

If you like what you see, please check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube or our website! We would love your support, and it means a lot to hear what everyone has to say!


Thank-you for reading,


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