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Actively develop exciting and original video game experiences for core gamers.


Become a renowned independent game development studio.


Emphasize cooperation, communication, and making great video games.


Molotov Industries is an independent game development and publishing services firm focused on creating exciting and innovative games while enabling others to do the same. The studio was founded in 2015 by long-time friends Evan and Sean so they could pursue their passion of game development. Since then, the team expanded to include a variety of talented people from around the world, all of whom are excited to be a part of the Molotov Mission!


Evan Brooks

CEO and Co-Founder

Level Design and Production

Sean Boland


Game Design and Engineering

Jeffrey Brooks

COO and Co-Founder

Operations and Finance

Albin Lindh

2D Artist | Sweden

Alexey Bulgakov

Programmer | Russia

David Drews

Character Artist & Animator | USA

Erik Rosenborg

3D & VFX Artist | Sweden

Michael Mijares

Programmer | USA

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